Restoration: A Poem from the Land, Aaron, David, & God the Father

In the beginning there was God and there was me

Cyclones of chaos were my entire entity

Ever swirling, ever turbulent were my seas

But then I submitted to his divine authority

Who am I, you may wonder, what creature am I?

I am your voiceless sister, the land on which you live and die.

Gysers exploded, mud dried, stars filled the sky.

The world became His tabernacle – my lowest low – my highest high.


In the beginning there was God and there was me.

Then we were joined by an Adam, and an Eve.

Together we existed in complete harmony.

With you walking in my garden, eating all I could provide

Nothing was found lacking, and my waters never dried

But oh, how could you do it? Why did you want to live that lie?

Do not ask me to forgive you – you have forced my very rocks to cry.


In the beginning there was God and there was me.

But then God had to eradicate this Adam and this Eve

And I felt the fracture

These once-close traitors left me brown, let me bare

I am no longer lush, I am no longer fair.

They had two children, two clashing sons.

I never met them, but I tasted one.

I was powerless to reject the blood’s bitter tang,

I could not fight back, I don’t have fangs.

Why did you humans scar me? How could you abandon me so.

It was foreign, invasive – completely unknown

I had no defense mechanism against it.

I could not vomit it out

nor swallow it whole.

Instead it stewed into my inward parts.

My chaos, it seemed, has become reclaimed.

For chaos is now a human game.

Do you feel the shifting sands?

Can I no longer harbor you like the sister that I am?

Do you lament that God and I not longer walk hand-in-hand

. . . because of you


In the beginning, there was God and there was me.

And then we were joined by Noah’s family.

I thought it would improve that you had finally learned your place.

That you would bow down on your knees, and be prostrated on your face.

But I was young, and hopeful – such naivety.

How could a measly flood make you submit to God of land and sea?

I guess I finally realize you have lost your humanity.


In the beginning there was God and there was me.

And there was Abraham, and Issac, and Jacob’s family tree.

Ruben, Levi, Judah, Joseph, Dan, and Gad.

Naptali and Isschar, you know they all went bad.


In the beginning there was God and there was me.

There was a natural order, a place of worship where we could simply be.

But time after time, and chance and after chance

You rebelled never wanting to submit to this holy dance.

In the beginning there were no wars, there were no plagues

Funny how it all changed when you humans took the stage

Do you even hear me groaning?

Because you think you own me?

The land will no longer keep you, save you, will not free you

For chaos has become reclaimed.

Chaos is now a human game.

Therefore, God gave a Law – an order that all may worship him and see.

So I now keep silent, for Laws have naught to do with me.


As Moses met with God, there was God’s people as well as me.

I witnessed all God’s wonders yet, I listened to their pleas.

Who am I you may wonder? What person am I?

I am the first High Priest Aaron, from the tribe of Levi.


As Moses met with God, I recalled God’s history

How He sent down frogs and hail, how He opened up the sea

I saw Moses’ staff become a snake as the Nile ran with blood

Unleavened Bread, I helped bake, I saw the sea become a flood


As Moses met with God, I forgot to look toward Sinai.

Instead I listened to the grumblings – they were poison much like cyanide

We forgot the deeds that God had done the wonders he had worked.

So to our inner hearts we listened, and in the shadows we did lurk.

I called for gold, I called for fire, and with my own hands I did make

A golden calf, so beautiful I too forgot that it was a fake


And As Moses met with God, I called for worship to the Lord

Was I to know this was a choice we could scare afford?

The people started to forget mighty deeds we saw

We fell back into sin that day – I’m no High Priest – I’m flawed

And I can still hear it, it still rips me in my gut.

The sound of crashing tablets –

            God’s law lost.

So I wept alone in my hut.


So as Moses sat with God, I was humbled to admit.

We are a rebellious people, we love making ourselves sick.

My people don’t like order, we want freedom, we want tricks.

The Law will not keep us, will not save us, will not free us.

For Chaos had become reclaimed,

Chaos is now Israel’s game.

A sad people, cut off from God, we finally learned our place.

We got down on our knees, we were prostrated on our face.

Why did my people do it? Why did we let the chaos reign?

Why did we choose fornicate this brokenness, this pain?

And time ticked on, the centurites gone.

Yet idols stand in our midst

So God established a Kingship – now he has governments to oversee.

So now I must keep silent for governments have naught to do with me.


In this governmental system, there was God, and he dealt with me.

A human head for all the people, maybe now they’ll choose to see

the chaos we bring, the chaos we reap.

Who am I you may wonder? What leader am I?

I am the celebrated David – the King on which all hopes reside.


And in this governmental system, I played a major part,

Perhaps you’ve heard me as man after God’s own heart.

It seems we finally got it right – submiting to the King,

Submit to him, be unified, it’s not a difficult thing.

There was a simplicity in the system God had then.

It wasn’t your responsibility to see me through the end.

For when I made mistakes, it wasn’t you who put me in my place.

It was God.


For in this governmental system there was God, and he dealt with me.

A direct line was established – only one man to oversee.

For under me we were to be in complete unity.

You may not have liked my actions,

But at least there wasn’t factions.

And when something went wrong,

I was the one who lamented in song.

            Not you

For I am King


For in this governmental system there was God, and he dealt with me.

Unfortunately, I too lost my humanity.

I saw her over yonder, on a roof as she bathed.

I told myself as I told God, “I am the King, I’ll have my way”.

So I took her, she was mine. Why didn’t I stop there!
I murdered a good man that day.

And lost my son,

It was justice.

It was fair.

The King will not keep us, will not save us, will not free us.

For Chaos had been reclaimed,

Chaos was now an intimate game.

And I did what was right in my own eyes.

But at least, in this, we were unified.

But Alas, it could not last – the Kingdom would not submit!

My children warred, the Laws ignored, and my established kingship split.

Why did my people do it? Why did you let the chaos reign?

Why do we choose fornicate this brokenness, this pain?

And time ticked on,

The centurites gone.

My kingdom, scattered in the wind.


And now, in the present there is God and there is us.

And once again he’s hoping we’ll stop putting up a fuss.

Who am I you may wonder? What person am I?

I am simply Sarah Smith, the author of this rhyme.

We must be subject every one to a governing authority

Regardless how you voted for Donald Trump or Hillary.

Yet this devisive, worldly thinking creeps within – we feel it’s lurch

And before we even knew it, it has crept into this church.

But we must beware its power and we must beware it’s pull

For our mother ate it’s fruit, and our fathers built its idols,

At some point we must learn that our leaders- are our fathers.

Without their sound advice, we aren’t children-

-only orphans.

There is no order that exists that God has not established.

Could it be that our God knows we can’t kick this chaos habit?


For I want to own my chaos! It is mine you understand?

I don’t want Him to order it – don’t try to hold my hand!

This is my church, my way, my voice, and oh, this is my land!

Don’t try to make me listen, I don’t want to understand.

I think I can keep us, I can save us, I can free us.

So I will do what was right in my own eyes.

Do not ask me to be unified.

Black lives matters, blue lives matter, but where is Jesus in this pitter-patter.

All these platforms make agendas fatter.

And so we get more selfish – this chaos needs to shatter.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy – we’ve been done this road before.

How much more will we destroy – are you sick yet to your core?

We waste effort on two parties – we are right and they are wrong.

Why do we dwell on these divisions – why does this last so long?

When your brother sins against you – approach him alone.

And if he doesn’t listen – call a witness- don’t be prone.

Spreading stories in a group, is dishonest, is rebellious.

I dare say that I might even want to call it hellious


We’re not called to be like the world, like the tax collectors.

Instead we’re called to forgive our debts as well as debtors.

And in our church we backstab – claiming the right answer,

We are a monstrous creature. Look in the mirror – we are the cancer!


And as we look towards our brothers and sisters for such offensives,

We must first remember that Jesus Christ our Savior isn’t that defensive,

No one should think them as righteous, lest they be lost in sin,

Tend the log in our own eye, not the speck within-



In the beginning, there was God and there was us.

He should have let us suffer – should have left us as the dust.

And when we don’t listen, he gives us shepherds to follow.

For when we’re left fatherless, we’re murders, we’re hollow.

And maybe in the intervening time we will learn our place.

Maybe we will get on our knees, and be prostrated on our face.

But that time is beyond me, I cannot speak into the future,

So I must pass on this poem to a voice found in our Scripture.


In my new Kingdom – I will sit enthroned with my Son.

And I will celebrate the marriage of His bride – the completed One.

I have sent the invitations, I have killed the fattened calf.

Yet my own people have mocked me, killed my servants, killed my staff.

Who am I you may wonder, what type of King am I?

I am the Great Physician, The Great I Am. The Adoni.


And in my parable you learned I invited Good and Bad.

And these strangers came in flocking, they were grateful, they were glad.

And as they were feasting, I stepped out into the hall.

And to the one not prepared, I opened and did call,
“Friend, why did you come here without a wedding garment?”

And he looked at me without a word, not my bride, but a harlot!


And in my parable you learn “Many are called, few are chosen”.

Look at your wedding garment – make sure it has been woven.

For those who do not know me, they will not see the dawn’s light.

I will cast them to the darkness, weeping, gnashing, to the night.


And in my new Kingdom, my Son will be joined by those I know.

Fruit-eaters, idolators, husband-killers, all in tow.

For in the end these people, my children, knew their place

They got down on their knees and were prostrated on their face.


The seals have been broken, and the trump is resound.

The thousand years is ended, and the all the lost are found.

“Behold I am coming, a river flowing from the throne.”

I am calling out you name, so awaken you dry bones.”


In the throneroom of heaven, the church will sing her final song,

“Holy, Holy is the Lord, Holy Holy is his Son”

“Worthily we’ll magnify and praise his holy name”

We will watch Zion descend and there will be more blame.


Behold, in my Kingdom – I am making all things new.

For I don’t demand perfection, I want imperfect ones,

like you.

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